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A combination of both personalities

Lumiere Sombre - Where both Light and Darkness exist to co-exist.

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There's really nothing much to be said about me. I am just a simple good-for-nothing who is bumming around in this world wasting oxygen. So, while my heart is still beating, I will try my very best to turn my life around.

~Looking for the turning point~

My only wish is for the people around me to be both healthy and happy. :)


Blog Crews:

I'm Utau Hoshina #1 Stalker!

[Hibari Kyouya], I've got you. What more do I need?

I've got Gokudera's heart.

There may be so many stars in the sky
but Yamamoto Takeshi will always be my one and only shining star.

Jack loves writing me love letters.

As long as Break loves me so,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~


I'm the queen of the world
Gokudera Hayato
is that world's king

K u r o s h i t s u j i
『Sebastian Michaelis』

An awesome find! Pairing Love Bars for KHR ! I am just going to put the ones that I find are pretty ~~

8059 is Love

1859 is Love

8018 is Love

6918 is Love

Byakuran X Mukuro is Love

Belphegor X Squalo is Love

Hibari is Love

my happy family

[ Yamamoto Takeshi ] is my husband
[ Rokudo Mukuro ] is my lover

and I love them with all my heart